Hi I am Ramdi

After working construction for over ten years as a carpenter I have been involved in a lot of both new builds and renovations of existing homes.

One thing is for certain the amount of sound proofing that goes into American homes is minimal at best.

I have always been an extremely light sleeper. Moving from a small town to larger towns and cities for work was a real eye opener to just how noisy modern living is.

After hanging a few sound deadening curtains in my first apartment and a new seal on the apartment door it was clear to me that you could have a quieter home with just a few simple changes.

My sleep improved dramatically and so did my quality of life.

Since then I have experimented with lots more sound proofing materials and products all in the aim of a quieter space in which to live in.

If you live in a very noisy neighborhood or are just as sensitive to noise as I am then fear not with a few simple modifications around your home you can reduce the amount of ambient noise to the lowest possible level.

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