Best Silent Keyboard for Gaming, Office and Home

​Let’s face it computers are here to stay, and if like me you are a little sensitive to sound then the constant clicking and clacking that a keyboard makes can drive you up the walls sometimes.

Most people rarely take the time to upgrade their keyboard. 

Sure the stock ones that come with just about every PC are fine for getting ​your work done. 


It is only when you upgrade to a higher quality quiet keyboard that you realize what you’ve been missing. 

So if you are:

  • Sensitive to too much noise
  • Working in a quiet place like a library
  • Using your computer late at night
  • ​A mom who works while baby is asleep next to her

Then you probably need a quieter keyboard than the one in front of you.

The best silent keyboards are both ultra quiet and usually easy on the fingers.

Constantly tapping away on you keyboard all day can be both hard on the hands and on the ears.  

It can also mess with your concentration. Several of my friends have said that both there typing speed and the quality of the work that they get done on a quiet keyboard is much higher than on a regular noisy keyboard.

​Best Silent Keyboard



​Logitech K800


​Corsair K55 RGB


​Razer BlackWidow


SteelSeries Apex M750


HP Wireless Elite v2


Logitech K800

​Logitech is a trusted brand that produces affordable, reliable keyboards. With the Logitech K800, you get a slim wireless keyboard with backlighting, along with several other useful features.

Logitech K800 Uses the PerfectStroke Key System

The Logitech K800 is a membrane keyboard featuring the PerfectStroke key system. This system was designed using the scissor-key switch mechanism that is commonly found in laptop keyboards. It offers faster response times and key travel of 3.2 millimeters.

Quiet Keystrokes and Reliable Wireless Connection

If you dislike noisy keyboards, the Logitech K800 is a great choice. The PerfectStroke key system is incredibly quiet. Other highlights of the K800 include the bright backlighting and the slim design. However, the greatest feature is the wireless connection. If the battery remains charged, you do not need to worry about losing the connection between the computer and the keyboard.

The Logitech K800 Is a Fragile Keyboard

The only issue that you may have with this keyboard is its durability. The K800 is a fragile keyboard that can break easily. If you need a portable keyboard that you can take with you, this may not be your best option.

Last Thoughts on the Logitech K800 Keyboard

The Logitech K800 is a comfortable, lightweight keyboard with a quality wireless sensor. It also has a slim design. However, the slimmer profile also makes it fragile.

​Corsair K55 RGB

​The CORSAIR K55 is a full-size keyboard with a membrane switch. However, you get a lot of configuration options and several other advantages.

Rubber Membrane with Responsive Feel

While the K55 uses a rubber membrane, it also includes a few features to help increase the responsiveness of the keystrokes. The design of the switch system and the multi-key anti-ghosting help to deliver a comfortable, responsive typing experience.

Variety of Backlighting Options and Multimedia Controls

The CORSAIR K55 is a colorful keyboard, thanks to the built-in programmable backlighting. There are three separate RGB zones that you adjust. You can choose from over ten lighting effects and colors to suit your mood. You also get six programmable multimedia keys, along with a variety of built-in multimedia controls.

Plastic Palm Rest Feels Flimsy

The palm rest is a potential drawback for some users. It is a plastic palm rest that feels flimsy and may not provide a lot of support. Luckily, the palm rest is removable.

Conclusion – Is the CORSAIR K55 a Good Buy?

When you consider the low price of the CORSAIR K55, this keyboard offers a great value. You get a full-size keyboard with a USB connection and a wide variety of lighting options.  

​​Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth

​The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth is a popular mechanical gaming keyboard with silent keystrokes and many other great features.

Razer Orange Switch Provides Silent Typing

The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth uses the popular Razer Orange Switches. These switches are rated to last for up to 80 million keystrokes and are backed by a two-year warranty. They also provide an incredibly tactile response without producing a lot of clicking sounds, ensuring that you get silent typing.

Individually-Programmable LED Backlighting

Besides the quality switch and durable keys, the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth includes individually-programmable LED backlights. With the dynamic lighting effects, you have limitless configuration options. The lights are not the only feature that you can program. The keyboard also includes fully programmable keys with macro recording options.

The Razer Ultimate Stealth Is a Bulky Keyboard

The one problem that some gamers have this keyboard is its size. While it is a full-size mechanical keyboard, it is a little larger and bulkier than some of your other options.

Overall Thoughts on the Razer BlackWidow Keyboard

Overall, the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth is one of the top-rated mechanical gaming keyboards in this price range. It is reasonably priced and includes silent mechanical switches, along with a variety of configuration options.

SteelSeries Apex M750

​The SteelSeries Apex M750 RB is a durable mechanical keyboard, featuring a linear switch and sturdy aluminum frame.

Linear Switch Provides Comfortable and Tactile Response

The SteelSeries Apex M750 uses the Pure Performance QX2 linear mechanical gaming switches. These switches are highly-recommended in the gaming world, due to their comfort and response times. They are also durable. However, the switches are not the only components that are built to last.

Durable Construction and Reactive Illumination

The frame of the Apex M750 is built from aluminum alloy, ensuring that your keyboard provides many years of use without breaking. While the durability is fantastic, the best feature of this keyboard is the reactive lighting. This lighting can be set to respond to in-game events, such as low health, changing colors as these events occur.

You Almost Receive Too Many Configuration Options

The endless supply of configuration options and programmable macros may be too much for some users. While the company tried to make the customization settings easy to understand, there is a learning curve to configuring the keyboard.

Why Should You Think About Buying the Apex M750?

The SteelSeries Apex M750 RGB is a wonderful choice for anyone who wants a colorful, mechanical gaming keyboard. Besides quality gaming switches, you get reactive lighting that can be programmed to reacts to events in your favorite games.

HP Wireless Elite v2

​The HP Elite v2 Keyboard is a wireless device that uses 2.4GHz wireless to remain connected to your computer.

Low-Profile Keys with a Membrane Design

The HP Wireless Elite v2 Keyboard uses a standard membrane for whisper quiet operation. The keys are also low-profile, which limits the key travel and allows fast typing. However, HP has added more bounce to the keys to improve the responsiveness of the keystrokes.

Sleek Design and Adjustable Angle and Height

The Elite v2 keyboard is also stylish and takes up little desk space. While it is a full-size keyboard, it includes a slim profile. You can also adjust the angle and height, providing more comfort for your specific wrist posture.

You May Lose Connection When the Battery Is Low

This is also a wireless keyboard. However, some people have had a problem with the wireless connection when the battery is low. If you want to avoid this issue, you should ensure that you keep the battery charged. Luckily, the keyboard includes a battery life indicator light.

Conclusion – Why Buy the Elite v2 Keyboard?

The HP Wireless Elite v2 Keyboard is one of the best economic choices for those who want a quality membrane keyboard at an extremely low price. It provides superior responsiveness to most membrane keyboards, along with quiet keystrokes and adjustable legs

​Macally Ultra-Slim

​The Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard is designed for use with Mac and Windows computers. It is a plug-and-play device with no required drivers. You simply plug in the 55-inch long USB cable into your computer or laptop and start typing.

Ultra-Slim Keyboard with Scissor Switch Membrane

The Macally USB keyboard utilizes a scissor switch membrane, which is a type of rubber dome membrane. Compared to a typical dome membrane, the scissor switch allows for a shorter profile, which is why it is commonly used in laptop keyboards.

Slim Design Requires Limited Desk Space

The top benefit of the Macally Ultra-Slim USB Wire Keyboard is the size. It is a compact keyboard with a slim profile, requiring very little desk space.

Keys Lack the Tactile Response of a Mechanical Keyboard

Users who prefer more of a tactile response from the keys may not enjoy the Macally keyboard. The scissor-switch membrane is more responsive compared to a standard membrane. However, it lacks the full tactile feel provided by a mechanical keyboard.

Conclusion – Should You Get the Macally Keyboard?

The people who will benefit most from this keyboard are those who need an affordable, compact keyboard. You can easily store this keyboard in a backpack or laptop bag for use with a MacBook or laptop.    

​Logitech K740

​The Logitech K740 is a full-size keyboard with a wired USB connection. It also features a slim profile, illuminated keys, and several other advantages.

PerfectStroke Key System and Palm Rest

The K470 USB keyboard uses the PerfectStroke key system developed by Logitech. This key system slightly improves the key system commonly found in laptop keyboards, providing a little more response compared to a typical membrane system. The keystrokes are also whisper-quiet.

Adjustable Backlighting and Long USB Cable

The K740 keyboard includes several features that make it a quality choice for typists. With the K740, you get illuminated keys with adjustable backlighting. You can also adjust the brightness of the backlighting to suit your preferences. This keyboard is plug-and-play ready and includes a six-foot-long USB cable.

Large Palm Rest Takes Up Extra Desk Space

The Logitech K740 also includes a built-in palm rest. While some users may enjoy this extra feature, others may find it inconvenient. The palm rest takes up desk space and may not be needed by all users.

Last Thoughts on the Logitech K740

Why should you consider getting the Logitech K740? If you want a reliable USB keyboard, the Logitech K470 is a fantastic option. It is quiet, responsive, and includes adjustable lighting. However, if you do not like the palm rest, you may want to explore other options.

​Vive Comb Wireless

​The Vive Comb wireless keyboard and mouse is a high-quality keyboard that is available at a low price. You get a rechargeable keyboard and mouse for one price. This combo also provides a few other useful features.

Scissor-Switch Design with Tactile Response

The Vive Comb Wireless Keyboard uses a high-quality scissor switch design to provide tactile, responsive keystrokes. You can also enjoy silent clicking, thanks to the quiet switch design.

Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

The Vice Comb keyboard and mouse combo are wireless, with a reliable 2.4GHz connection. You can remain connected up to ten meters away from the computer. You also only need to use one USB port to connect the keyboard and mouse, using the 2-in-1 Nano receiver. The wireless keyboard and mouse are also rechargeable. The built-in battery supports 35 hours of continuous use, along with up to 30 days of standby.

Disadvantages Vive Comb Keyboard and Mouse

The Vive Comb is a popular choice, and the keyboard is one of the better membrane keyboards. However, several users have had an issue with the scroll wheel on the mouse not working properly.

Who Should Consider Getting the Vive Comb Keyboard and Mouse?

The Vive Comb wireless keyboard and mouse are best suited for those who want an affordable wireless combo. The keyboard uses a high-end switch, which also offers quiet operation, while both the keyboard and the mouse offer stable connections to your computer.

​Corsair K68 Mechanical

​Designed for gamers, the CORSAIR K68 is a mechanical keyboard with stylish backlighting and a spill-resistant frame.

The CORSAIR K68 Uses the Popular Cherry MX Red Switch

The CORSAIR K68 uses the Cherry MX Red key switches, along with the gold contact Cherry MX mechanical gaming key switches. These switches offer optimal responsiveness and quiet keystrokes. The keyboard also features 100% anti-ghosting to ensure that every keystroke gets registered by your computer. This is the perfect feature for fast typists.

Red LED Backlighting and Programmable Keys

Along with a quality key system, the K68 features a stylish design. It includes red LED backlighting for gaming during the day or night. The keys are also programmable, using the CORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE). Another benefit is the frame, which is dust and spill resistant.

The Red LED Backlighting Requires an Extra USB Port

The CORSAIR K68 is a quality gaming keyboard. However, it does take up two USB ports. You need to use an extra USB port to plug in the LED backlighting, which may result in more clutter on your desktop.

Last Thoughts on the CORSAIR K68 Keyboard

If you are worried about spilling your drink on your keyboard while playing your favorite games, the CORSAIR K68 is a wonderful choice. The spill-resistant design, along with the tactile keys, offers the perfect gaming solution.  

​Razer BlackWidow Chroma v2

​Built for gamers, the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 offers two great advantages – responsive keystrokes and completely customizable backlighting.

Razer Green Mechanical Switches and Anti-Ghosting

The Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 uses the Razer Green mechanical switches. These switches are among the most responsive and tactile switches available for mechanical keyboards. You also get anti-ghosting and backlit keys.

Durable Switches and Keys Designed for Gamers

The BlackWidow Chroma V2 includes a durable design, from the frame to the individual keys. In fact, the key switches are tested to remain responsive for up to 80 million keystrokes. The keys are also individually backlit. Instead of a panel of lights, each key has its own light, which provides an endless number of customization options, as you can choose from the full spectrum of 16.8 million colors.​The Razer Chroma V2 is a top choice for gaming keyboards, thanks to the Razer Green mechanical switches. It offers an incredible response, along with a durable design.